Thursday, November 11th, 2010...10:44 pm


Last week I turned the age twenty. In a lot of ways it was less of a celebration and more of a sobering realization. I did enjoy visiting my family for the weekend and celebrating with friends, but the main thing I thought about during these activities was the fact that I was no longer a “teenager.”

Yes, that means a plethora of movies, songs, and books are now completely meaningless to me until I get to the age where I reminisce about how “great” it was to be a teenager. Only, I don’t expect to get to that point because, from about the moment it started, I wanted my years of being a teenager to be over. I’m glad it’s done with. I can finally move to the big leagues where I’m no longer simply a “legal adult,” but an actual adult.

That’s the somewhat pessimistic part of this message, though. The good part is right here: I’m proud of my teenage years. I did a lot of stupid stuff, but I realize now that I was always engulfing myself in something. For some people it was books, and for me it was learning a new instrument, building design skills, getting certifications, learning how to write and direct films, and going after every artistic endeavor that struck me as interesting. Maybe you’re not good at art, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find something to keep you busy.

A lot of people waste their time. Heck, I waste a lot of time myself; however, a lot of people only narrow in on two types of type: work time and free time. I’m introducing a third category: exploring time. Find something new, adventure, and search for something that’s interesting. It seems to me that during high school people were only interested in doing things that would either impress their parents or their peers, but none of that matters if you aren’t impressing yourself.

Maybe I’m different, but I highly doubt that and encourage you, yes, you, the person who, if reading this, shares over 99.99% similarity in DNA with every other human being, to give into curiosity and leave the norm for even a moment.

You might find something you absolutely love.


  • “Exploring time”. “Impressing yourself”. Very insightful. Very well said.

    I can appreciate your feelings about turning 20. I had that same sobering feeling. Thankfully that was not the end. A new era of adventure, discovery and opportunity awaited.

  •   DTarsha
    November 16th, 2010 at 12:19 pm    

    True very true. I like the idea of exploring time. You’re writing skills are improving. This section had great voice and was able to express a number of ideas in a casual flow for the reader.
    Also, thank you for making the 99.99% similarity point.

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